Hi forum, newbie here with my first post. I'm essentially a fetus when it comes to computers, but I learned how to seamlessly/losslessly loop mp4 files with ffmpeg using the template: [ffmpeg -stream_loop 12 -i C:\A\\"input.mp4" -c copy C:\L\\"output.mp4"] (for some reason, my computer doesn't recognize the file path unless I insert an extra \ before the quotes), but this only works for a single file at a time and I need to loop hundreds of similar +/-5 second videos to get them each to about a minute long. I created a long, complicated macro to repeat this command while AFK and trash each input after creating the output, but this still takes some time and I'm afraid of the macro screwing up and deleting a bunch of my files. I'd appreciate someone who could help me streamline this process.