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  1. Hello there.

    I'm trying to restore some footage, it's H264/AAC in a MKV.
    Some parts are damaged.

    When any damaged parts come players get stuck and need to be forwarded to resume playback.
    Only VLC automatically skips damaged parts and continues to play automatically.

    Well, loading this file into Premiere to cut damaged parts, audio/video sync is messed up.
    Video damaged parts are present and shown as black video, but audio damaged parts disappear so audio track is shorter then video track.

    I tried everything in my mind to fix this, no way.

    Any suggestions?

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  2. You might try cutting into segments, using ffmpeg. Work on the segments and then re-assemble using ffmpeg.
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  3. Do you mean to cut out bad segments and then reassemble?

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    You can use mkvmerge to split the files so only the good parts are saved,then load the saved parts back into mkvmerge and append the parts after loading the first part and save as a new mkv file.
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