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    Recently the audio from my capture card has suddenly become really distorted for seemingly no reason. Here's a video showing what I'm talking about I have no idea how this could have happened because it was working fine a few days ago I have also tried using a different capture card but I'm still having the same problem. This has been happening on and off for a while now and I have no idea why.
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    Upload that clip direct here and not rely on any other issue that youtube has introduced by its re-encoding.

    But you might have answered half your question yourself - you have eliminated ANY fault with the capture device.

    So take the capture device out of the path. Connect the console direct to a tv with no splitter if you are using one. Same sound issue ?

    If the problem persists then the fault is with the console and/or the cabling.

    Sound is fine then reconnect the splitter if you are using one. Sound issue from the tv ?

    If yes then you know the cause of the issue.
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