1. If I convert a DVD-A to DTS-CD with DVD Audio Extractor, I get 44.1/16 files as result. Also, If I extract the MLP tracks with said program and convert them with XMedia, I also get DTS 44.1/16. I think that's the standard of the DTS-CD format, but...

2. ...I downloaded two DVD-A to DTS-CD rips and one is 44.1/20 and the other is 44.1/24, according to MediaInfo.

3. So, I want to know which program can I use to obtain these results, and then I'll try to learn how to use them by myself.

4. I've read many times on this and other forums that lossy codecs don't really have a bit depth, and that 16, 20 or 24 bit are just headers. I think it's true but people may think my rips are of lesser quality if I want to share them, having them a 16 bit header. MediaInfo don't inform bit depth on AC3 or AAC, and Spek don't inform bit depth on DTS either. I can't seem to find info on wikis or papers about the matter. I'm collecting useful info if you have sources to share.

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Thank you for your time.