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    I'm using MKVToolNix on a Bluray rip of Star Wars 6. This movie is an interesting case because rather than one large M2TS file that just needs to be demuxed and remuxed into an MKV container, SW6 has 4 MPLS playlists referencing multiple M2TS files. The reason for this is for the text crawl at the beginning to be viewable in 4 different languages without needing 4 copies of the rest of the movie. Basically, each playlist plays the text-crawl in some language and then all 4 playlists just reference the same 40GB M2TS file for the rest of the movie.

    I would like for the final MKV to have 4 video tracks so I can retain the 4 different text crawls. But the final MKV that MKVToolNix is creating is over 200GB in size, which is very large and clearly indicates that MKVToolNix is storing 4 copies of the entire movie rather than just the 4 versions of the text crawl and 1 copy of the rest.

    I'm not very well versed in how the MKV container works so it might not be possible, but is there a way to have MKVToolNix mux the playlists in a way so that only 1 copy of everything past the text crawl is stored and referenced by all 4 video tracks? I would prefer this (if possible) in order to conserve hard drive space.
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