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  1. im trying play this stream (click adobe flashplayer) in potplayer
    i extracted this rtmp link using devtools chrome and got link:

    rtmp:// fW-K9k-ZC8Y3rXBaepI3v-OdLvVJ9Y=&tkendtime=1590652038&cust=TampaBay&strea m=tampa_bay_mbr&user=&cid=642536&pid=45893946761&h =m0BRl-gtDvC1nNa5tCGODw&e=1590652038

    but this doesnt work in potplayer, what im doing wrong?
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  2. Is it a live stream?
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  3. yes is a live stream depending on the day and the track, the links works or not.
    Currently this track is online - it will work for another 0,5 hour

    Next time I will paste links a few hours earlier and write about which hours they will be active
    Last edited by jamesone; 27th May 2020 at 19:48.
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  4. at this moment this link will work for 3-4 hours
    Unfortunately horse races in the usa take place at night relative to utc time. On some days there are a lot earlier, if you don't mind I will post links but please write if I have to edit the post or create a new one

    Today theres one more race (the same time, video player link doesnt work so this is why /replays) but no livevideo on this track yet, not every website has a live broadcast, they will probably change it in the future

    from devtool streamlink:

    wss:// hash%3DOmbMCoBWMLE_71f1unQnysmoJPud0kJuZ4VE_avYifA %3D%26tkendtime%3D1590751255%26cust%3DCharlesTown% 26stream%3Dcharles_town_mbr%26user%3D&cid=532489&p id=52521211433&h=Rt98qTS7gNqide14UKA9VQ&e=15907512 55 - without empty spaces

    next i go to site: paste to decode and got:

    wss:// E_71f1unQnysmoJPud0kJuZ4VE_avYifA=&tkendtime=15907 51255&cust=CharlesTown&stream=charles_town_mbr&use r=&cid=532489&pid=52521211433&h=Rt98qTS7gNqide14UK A9VQ&e=1590751255 - without empty spaces

    how to open this in potplayer is possible?
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  5. link will be active 5 hours from now, please click adobe flash player

    I will be very grateful if someone checks it and answers whether it is possible to let it go in the potplayer
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  6. l it is possible to let it go in the potplayer
    Last edited by sysanin; 29th May 2020 at 17:03.
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  7. OK
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