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  1. Hi,

    I have got some 4:3 letterbox mkvs, that I would like VLC automatically to "crop" to 16:9.
    I am aware that this isn't real cropping, but I do know that VLC is able to use these MKV flags, so I wouldn't have to re-encode.

    Anyone could tell me what the right options are?
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  2. Crop a total of 25 percent the height of the video off the top and bottom. For example 12.5 percent off the top, 12.5 percent off the bottom. The top and bottom borders aren't always the same size, so adjust accordingly.
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  3. Thanks, but where's that option? A command line option would also be cool.
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  4. It's in the cropping option in the video section.

    [Attachment 53520 - Click to enlarge]

    The GUI can show you the command line equivalent.
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  5. Got it, thanks. But after setting it, the flag doesn't get used by any player including VLC, this is strange.
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  6. MPCBE and PotPlayer respond to the cropping flags. KMPlayer, MPCHC, VLC, WMP SMPlayer don't.
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  7. If your video is h.264 (AVC) you can use a program called h264info to set the h.264 cropping flags. Most players respond to that. You'll have to demux the video to an elementary stream, use h264info to set the cropping flags, then remux to mkv with the audio. But VLC in particular seems to over crop if the borders are large.
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  8. Thanks for your help guys!
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