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  1. Hello, from a long time lurker first time poster 👋

    I've spent a week now trying to figure out how to best clean up and convert the NTSC DVD of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which exhibits a combination of various distortions.

    Original MPEG source - remuxed directly from the DVD into MKV:

    [Attachment 53512 - Click to enlarge]

    There's a few issues visible on the image when you zoom in (or watch the video):

    1. door behind him has the top/left edge blurry - wavy
    2. the mirror frame on the wall has jagged edges
    3. he's got jagged shoulders (as does any movement)
    4. the white door frame on the right has jagged top edge
    5. the vase on the right has jagged edges

    If I run it through QTGMC on placebo setting, it'll nicely cleanup 3, 4, 5. But no matter what I do, the 1 and 2 issues still persist. The door top edge is wavy/blurry and the mirror is jagged and shimmering. Even if I Bob it and compare the frames, it seems these issues are already present in the original master.

    I've tried various deinterlacing filters, some antialiasing filters, also stabilisation and any imaginable combo of these, but absolutely no improvement whatsoever, the door is still waving blurry and the mirror is still shimmering

    Any ideas please? Thanks
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  2. The MPG2 video is already screwed up. A higher resolution video was deinterlaced and downscaled badly. This looks a little better:

    Mpeg2Source("cye-home_track1_eng.d2v", CPU2="ooooxx", Info=3) 
    # clean up vertical edges
    # clean up horizontal edges
    I'm not sure the second QTGMC helps much. You might leave it out.
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    Yeah, that's not an interlaced source.
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  4. Yea, crazy, that mirror is shimmering even on the HD upscale that's available on iTunes.

    I was hoping somebody here would be able to suggest some "brute-force line-straightening" technique cause I'm running out of ideas
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