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  1. This appears to be a fairly common problem it seems after I did a little research but I still canít find a solution. I basically slide the eject release and that door opens then nothing happens. The entire tray with the minidv never slides up. I donít currently have a tape in the camcorder. Iíve tried unplugging and letting it sit, tried battery only, plugged in AC only every once in a while it will randomly pop out but just once. I canít seem to figure out what is causing it what kind of rhyme or reason but id love to get it operational. Any suggestions?
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  2. Hello,
    I had a similar problem with my mumīs camera, not the same model (hers is ZR90 mini) but maybe this helps you.

    The camera would open but the cassette sometimes just would not come out so i used a screwdriver to "fix it".

    I opened the cassete housing and on the right side it says "press". There is a little spring hidden. I then used a small screwdriver to push the spring down just a tiny bit and it somehow worked. I donīt know exactly how and why it worked but the cassete came out. This worked a couple of times actually.

    Maybe this will work for you too (but be careful not to damage the camera)!

    BTW: we bought a "new one" off of ebay afterwards because that problem was really annoying
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