Looking for some technical help with a CD-i 210.

So a few months ago I found a Philips CD-i 210 for cheap in a local pawn shop, with digital video cartridge! And without controller! Naturally I bought it.

After a searching on eBay for a while for a decent priced controller, I bought a a CD-i Thumbstick, the wireless one with the analog stick on it.

Putting in batteries, pointing it at the console and wiggling the stick did nothing. Looking at the IR emitter with the camera on my phone, it still makes a signal so put it down to the weird incomparability with certain players and wireless controllers, so the search continues.

Recently I won a CD-i Touchpad on eBay, the Gravis Gamepad/SNES looking one. Plugging it in the front port, still nothing.

I don't know if it could be a problem with the CD-i player, or if I have the worst luck with controllers on eBay or what. Any help would be appreciated, I have Hotel Mario ready to go and need my fix.