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    I'd like to get a digital camcorder for taking family and vacation videos and definitely want to get one with a remote control. For years I've used a Sony DCR-TRV 250 and that did well enough but would like something with better picture quality and doesn't require tapes. I found a good deal on a new Sony DCR-SR200 but that is not high def so how much does that matter? One thing that might be a problem from a review about it says: "the SR200 does not have a USB port or video output options on the camera itself making the data transfer process tedious" so would that be a real problem? I want to load videos to a computer.

    Also found a used Canon HF200 HD Camcorder with SDHC slot. Would that be easier to deal with? And a used JVC Everio Camcorder GZ-MG21U HD Drive. And a used Panasonic HDC-HS100 60GB HD Camcorder. Are any of these particularly better overall than the others?

    Or can someone suggest something they feel is better than any of these? I don't want to spend much over $100. I see Ordro cameras from China for under $30. What would be wrong with going that route? If the main thing is they can't be repaired they can be replaced for less than I ever paid for repair to a Sony DCR-TRV 250. Also see what looks like it might be an Ordro from a US seller for $85 and these are all brand new with a remote.

    Thank you for any help or suggestions!

    ME, USA
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  2. Do you have a smart phone? Use it for videos. It will probably take better videos than any "cheap" video camera at $100 or less.
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