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  1. I'm quite new to AviSynth or any such text based programs like this. So forgive me if I'm just simply missing something here, but I've spent a few days searching and not been able to find anything.

    I have some DVD cartoons I wanted to Inverse Telecine and upscale to stream from my home media server. I used DGIndex to feed the videos into AviSynth and then just used the following:
    LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files (x86)\dgmpgdec158\DGDecode.dll")
    MPEG2Source("C:\Users\cmass\Desktop\Batman TAS Upscale\01_Raw Discs\01-01\DGIndex Reports\VTS_01_1.d2v")
    This fixed iterlacing and removed any duplicate frames, but only for luma it seems. The chroma seems to be following a different pattern. Something like this:
    Luma: 1,2,3,4,4
    Chroma: 1,2,4,4,4

    And here is an example of the ghosting
    [Attachment 53470 - Click to enlarge]

    Any and all help greatly appreciated!
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  2. You should post a video sample cut from the DVD without any further filtering. 10 seconds or so from a scene with steady motion. Open a VOB in DGIndex, isolate an appropriate section using the [ and ] buttons, and then File->Save project and demux video.

    Make available the resulting M2V file. Upload here or to SendSpace or some such.
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    Those Batman TAS DVD's are known to have interlaced and blended chroma. I'd recommend consulting doom9:
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  4. I've uploaded a clip that contains both the bank explosion and Batmobile clip from the picture. Both work well to show signs of chroma ghosting when run through the script.

    Thank you for that doom9 post! That script looks to work pretty well. I still need to compare the quality of the other frames with the regular telecine, but there's no big obvious chroma bleed this round.
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