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  1. Hi,
    I say to people i work with, that i deliver hd animations,

    sometimes i work on images that they are not landscape, but they are portrait
    when people send me project files, the resolution of them may be very high for example 6000x6000 2550x3550

    i am resizing those images, because editing them would be much more intense on pc, so the question is... to what resolution should I change portrait images to so that
    my statement that i provide HD animation, remains true? (its important in case of someone will say that the quality is lower then the original image file they sent me)

    for example if I resize an image to a 1080 height and 730 width, does it considered as hd?
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  2. Most agree that HD begins with 720 height.

    Your thread topic was, "HD resolution for 4:3 1:1". But 730x1080 isn't 4:3.
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  3. you are right, but i meant HD for other aspect ratios which are not 16:9 or 9:16

    for example, someone sent me a graphic he wants me to animate , the quality is 1920 (width) x 2485 (height)
    obviously its higher then HD, when i resize i must not change the relationship between width and height, so i change height to 1080 and i get 834 x 1080
    I also can make it 1113x1440

    my goal is to keep resolution at minimum so that the editing process will be faster and at the same time... i need to make sure that if someone asks me why the animation I provided is in lower quality then the original image , i want to answer him that yes it is lower in quality but it is hd as promised

    so my question is less technical, and is more about what is the conventional way
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  4. But it also depends on how you animate it / what kind of animation.

    eg. If you zoom in or pan around the image, scaling animations - you might need the larger dimensions , otherwise it will be too soft
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  5. i animate in after effects, different stuff, sometimes i bring photos/images (with "strange" resolutions) to life

    yes in case of zooming, i plan ahead and also discuss with the person the quality resolution issue, but in most cases there is no zooming

    putting my question in other words:
    does HD refers more to 1080 height
    or hd refers more to the number of pixels you get by multiplying 1920*1080=2073600
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  6. Everything you are working with is square pixel. So just scale proportionally as in your example in post #3.

    Generally, anything over 1280 pixels wide or 720 pixels tall is HD. Though many Americans seem to think video has to fill the full screen (no black borders).
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  7. YouTube recently decided that 1280x720 is not HD. Video for that resolution is not marked as HD, they change it.

    It is kind of a consensus, that even now could be not enough for whatever reason. You tell them that 730x1080 is high definition an so it is then. You label it as such on an account of 1080 height.
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