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    Hi I have a mini dv and Hi 8 digital camera and recently bought an old laptop
    windows 7 all divices are firewire. I now want to import all my tapes onto
    this laptop. I need to know what kind of software do i need to have to capture
    these mant mini dv and Hi 8 tapes I have. My other laptop has adobe elements
    which I bought a while back but it dose not have firewire port. Please suggest
    any software and how or where I may get it
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  2. DVIO or WinDV. Both free and work well.
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    What camera(s) are you playing these tapes ?

    You can connect the DV straight to your Win7 laptop with a firewire cable and use WinDV for the transfer.

    If the Hi 8 camera does not play Digital 8 as well you would require a usb connection capture device or a Canopus ADVC to transfer these also as DV over firewire.
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