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  1. Hi Gang,

    I am working with frames that are 1440 x 1152 (5:4 Double PAL). I would like to render them in within the structure of a 1920 x 1080 format, but can't seem to get the right combination of Project Settings and Render Settings so as not to alter the ratio of the picture (it looks slightly squished after rendering).

    Can someone please offer some advice on how to get that accomplished? Thanks so much
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  2. To set desired aspect ratio:

    You can do it this way,
    1. make your project 1920x1080
    2.Drop you video on timeline.
    3.make 1440x1080 solid color and put it underneath your video. If 4:3 (1440/1080) is what you want.
    You delete it when done, it is just to see true aspect ratio on screen.
    4.In pan/crop Override locked aspect ratio.Then use pan/crop borders to drag it to match your SD footage to that rectangle.

    Because for example if just dropping 720x480 DV into fullHD project Vegas might use 704 to calculate new width, which might be not desired. Something similar in PAL. Or just use that above workflow to fix something.
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  3. GREAT! Thank you so much for the quick tutorial!

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  4. Instead of pan/crop try Track Motion, unlock aspect ratio, you can stretch height or width, hopefully that one works. Not sure about that pan/crop, tried it now and I could not do it.
    These sort of things is better to do outside of Vegas using Vapoursynth or Avisynth, but that is difficult to set it up, only if you have those working already.
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