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  1. I have been using Vegas for years and I am not going to switch to Premiere or similar editing softwares.
    When I switch from my old PC to a laptop I noticed problems with rendering.
    On my old PC I could render videos without any problem.
    Now, when I finish with editing and I want to render my video, I select AVC/MVC code.
    As soon as dialog box pops up, my rendering process stays on 0%.
    Then I need to restart Vegas.
    If someone knows how to fix this, please reply me.
    I would be very thankful.
    Best regards, Risto15
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  2. On Windows 10?
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  3. Windows 10 64 bit.
    Now my Vegas can't render videos, changing codec doesn't help.
    It usually stops at 94% and Approximate time left falls to 0 and it won't finish the render.
    My laptop becomes laggy and I need to close it via Task Manager.
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    if you are trying sony avc/mvc you might give the setting for magix avc or hevc a try. sony hasn't been involved with vegas in years. if those fail also it's probably your source material.
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    Try rendering smaller segments and then concatenate them after (but render the whole audio alone, otherwise you get audible glitches).

    This worked well for me in Vegas for a massive 18-hour shoot & timeline.

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