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    I used this dvd recorded for most things I record off my dvr. I have a coaxial going directly into the recorder from the cable box. My question is, how much better would the recordings be if I were to run the 5 rca cables through the recorder instead of the coaxial? Would it be alot clearer or not enough to worry about?

    Additionally, sometimes I use my pc to record programs. They are usually mkv files that are 1280x720. I use convertx2dvd and a standard 2 hour dvd-r. Should these have superior picture quality than the dvds I record from using the panasonic standalone recorder? Because I dont see a big difference.
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    First the RF coax is the worst quality connection, basically anything else should be better. Second I have no idea what you mean by "5 RCA cables" as that would be component and the ES-30v has no component input, only output. Component would be the best connection to run from the ES-30v to your TV(if your TV has component inputs) but this will make no difference on recoding, just playback.
    As I said RF coax is the worst recording input, composite should be better and S-video a bit better than that, again if you have a S-video output on your cable box, which no modern ones do, only an old STB might have it.
    I don't really use a PC to record so I don't know anything about your last question.
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