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  1. So i have a stack of import Pal dvd's that i bought many years ago. I wanted to see if could play Pal dvd's on my computer. So i pop in the first one in and plays in Potplayer just fine. So i naturally assumed it would play all of them. Then i looked into correcting Pal Speed Up and installed Configure Re Clock and everything is going great. But i tried another Pal dvd and it won't load at all. So i tried the rest, they also won't load. So strange it played the first one but not the rest. Is there anything that can be done?

    They all load in VLC just fine, but i don't know how to fix the Pal Speedup in VLC. Configure Re Clock doesn't seen to work with VLC or i'm doing something wrong. I'm not super knowledgeable about this stuff. Personally i have always liked Potplayer better. Plus the default EQ sounds better on Potplayer as well.

    So i need to figure out why Potplayer won't play these or figure out how to get Configure Re Clock to work with VLC. I'm open to other suggestions as well,
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    You may need to flash a region free firmware into your computer DVD drive, I think you are only allowed 4 times to change over the region code of the drive and then it locks up but if it's flashed you don't have to worry about the limitation. But this is my memory from 10 years ago, I don't have any DVDs anymore, I have a library of Blu-ray discs A & B regions and I use a Pioneer home player with flashed firmware to disable the region code and Cinavia.
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  3. I found out it is a region locking issue. I found a program called DVD Region+CSS that bypasses region locking and works with Potplayer. It's only a 30 day trial but at least i know what the issue is. I figured Potplayer would be like VLC and bypass regions but i guess not.

    Does anybody know of a completely free program for bypassing region?

    Unfortunately i could not find region free firmware for my drive. It may not exist. From what i can tell it's a hl-dt-st dvd+-rw gha2n
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