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  1. Hello,

    Hoping to find some information regarding this problem I have. I haven't used my HD PVR 2 in over 6 years until recently. The only thing that has changed since is my TV. I am know using a Samsung UE22K5000AK TV. Of course the sound from the TV works just fine, as it does when my Xbox 360 is plugged in direct via HDMI. However when plugged in using the HD PVR 2 (via HDMI) no sound comes from the TV, but the capture software does play / record the sound.

    Just a side note I bought to new HDMI cables, just in case. But still the same situation.

    Thank you
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    Try change your audio output setting on your Xbox to PCM and see that help or try in Capture setting if I recall right there option something to with TV and HDMI
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