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  1. My tai chi teacher just started streaming his weekly classes via Zoom. He was using a Logitech C920 webcam but the quality wasn't so great and Zoom tech support told him that webcam is good for close-up talking heads but not the whole room for a class.

    He owns a Canon G20 camcorder he'd bought years ago and recently bought an INOGENI capture card for streaming that through the laptop (INOGENI DVI/HDMI to USB 3.0 Video Capture Card). The quality is good but some settings icons cannot be removed from on-screen display with this camera and it shows through the stream to the audience:
    [Attachment 53344 - Click to enlarge]

    It seems the Logitech 922 is often recommended for streaming, but is that good for this application, and will it do as good aa a decent camcorder?

    I'm thinking of trying to find a used or refurbished camcorder that would do nicely that allows removal of all on-screen icons (like my Canon XA20 does, but which is expensive). My teacher's budget is only a few hundred dollars.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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    Redo your search on google - use the terms "canon g20" and "clean hdmi" and you will immediately see youtube videos, etc that show how to get clean hdmi (aka no onscreen icons) on that cam.

    The 920/922/930e is a better logitech model than the earlier one you tried, and the BRIO a better model still, but your setup with g20 & innogeni is quite good. Probably better than those other options (esp. In terms of dynamic range & exposure handling).

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  3. You were right, and it was a success.

    Menu > wrench icon > Output On-Screen Controls > turn Off

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