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  1. Hello friends,

    I am in desperate need of help. Years ago, I purchased a short-lived "MVI" format disc of Rush's Snakes and Arrows (2007). I've since parted with the actual disc, but I created an ISO of the disc before selling it. I can still *play* the ISO. I do so by "mounting" the disc using Virtual Clone Drive, and then I "open" the disc contents, and play the disc using an (.exe) application in the folder (a software called "Director MX 2004" - which I think was later acquired by Adobe). I love the sound of the high-res stereo tracks, and would like to burn them to WAV files. But I simply can't figure out how to do it. Let me explain.

    I can see the "Video_TS" folder (there is no AUDIO_TS), so I have tried *many* software to extract the high-res audio from the video tracks (IFO/VOB) inside the mounted ISO file:
    * DVD Audio Extractor
    * DVD Decrypter
    * VLC

    What ends up happening is: the "extracted" files play back too fast, almost as though the sampling rate of the LPCM files is not recognized. I fact, within DVD Decrypter, if I mouse over the LPCM/2 channel stream to attempt to Demux, the stream is listed as: "0Ax1-Audio-LPCM-2Ch-Unknown(1)kHz/24 bit". I strongly suspect that the "unknown" component must be a hint to what I am doing wrong.

    DVD Audio Extractor recognizes the (correct) track lengths - but when I try to rip them to FLAC, they come out to be 20% of their actual length, and playback is at hyper-speed.

    Help! Any thoughts to what I am doing wrong? Has anyone successfully "cracked" an MVI disc previously?

    Much appreciated,

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  2. Try demuxing with pgcdemux
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    Since you no longer own the disc, you have no right to keep the backup you made.

    "Fair use / Backup

    When you own the media, they are the rights you get automatically DESPITE what content providers or laywers might tell you. These rights are fully supported by the crew at VCDhelp and are the basis for most of the site. These fair use rights evaporate when you sell the media in question."
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