Came across this post on Reddit/Data.

Ripping 1200 discs with six optical drives at once

The author's site is here:

A few points/thoughts:

The software is Linux only

It's not clear, but the OP at Reddit seems to have only ripped the discs. No remuxing or encoding.

The author's site specifies using MakeMKV, but I would think it could be modified to use DVDFab or other programs.

The OP claims it too ~50 hours to rip + 3-4 hours changing discs, stating it took ~10-15 minutes per disc.*

*He/she notes that some rips required renaming. This was a major issue for me when I had to re-RIP 600+ discs years ago (had a major brainfart and formatted both my original backup drives). I don't know about non-Asian discs, but Asian discs tend to have generic names like DVDVideo or the disc title is different from the English movie name, and of course the necessity of underscores and all caps because of the ISO 9660 naming conventions.

Because of the necessity of renaming and confirming the RIPs were okay, it took me several hundred hours over several months to complete the project. I settled on three DVD drives at once since it allowed time to rename and quick scan to check the rips in the 10-15 minutes it took for next disc change.