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  1. Hello
    I recently bought Vegas Movie Studio (version 16, bought it two weeks before 17 came out!), mostly for color correcting home movies (I got tired of guessing and iterating in avisynth). I plan to color correct and render out for further processing in avisynth. I'm fine with rendering using an intermediate codec (my understanding is that I need the pro version for frame-serving). Occasionally though I would like to output the final clip from Movie Studio itself.

    I encountered the following issue when I render a DV clip into 480p using Yadif. Here's what I do.

    (1) I start a new DV NTSC project. (2) In the project properties I set deinterlace to none. (3) I import an NTSC DV clip. (4) I apply Yadif as Media FX. (5) I drop the clip in the timeline. (6) I render as 640x480 p AVC.

    The Yadif filter causes some distortion as described below.

    (A) If in the project properties "Adjust source media to better match project or render settings" is checked, then the DV clip seems to be getting cropped (I'd guess to 704x480) and the rendered 640x480p clip shows some distortion in a few rightmost pixels. See attached png.

    (B) If however "Adjust source media to better match project or render settings" is unchecked, apparently the entire 720x480 DV clip is used and scaled to 640 pixels wide. The rendered 640x480p output is fine.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what is going on and I get the distortion in case (A), or if I am missing some setting.
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  2. If you want to deinterlace SD video like DV, QTGMC is quite necessary.

    I think I made debugmode frame server work with Studio version. Did you try it?
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  3. You can't crop and apply Yadif in AviSynth? Maybe encode losslessly before importing into Vegas, if there are other things than you want to do. And, if this is a film video, you probably don't want to deinterlace to begin with, and certainly not with Yadif.

    Can you provide a 10 second sample - one with steady movement - cut from the DV AVI?
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  4. Thanks. I did not try the frameserver as I had the impression it worked only with Vegas pro. I will definitely do it. I just started with Movie Studio, I've been using almost exclusively Avisynth before.

    Let me elaborate a bit on how I was intending to use Vegas: Import clips, color-correct and some basic editing, export as huffyuv (or frameserving as now I am aware you can do it) for further processing in Avisynth (including deinterlacing there). I have been using Avisynth exclusively but find it often tedious to color-correct there.

    The problem came up when I tried to do an occasional quick export from Vegas itself, and I got the Yadif issue in scenario (A) but not (B). My question then was if I am missing some setting or there's some bug somewhere. I'm happy with using (B) but I was curious about the (A) issue.

    This is an issue with any NTSC DV, a strip of few pixels at the right border that are incorrectly rendered (and in setting (A) but not (B)). Here's a small clip to show you how it looks. Again it happens with any DV file, and only in setting (A) as described in my first message. It has also nothing to do with the avc codec used for rendering.

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  5. this mp4 comes straight from Vegas?

    lsmas.LibavSMASHSource loads it as: 25.0 (25/1)fps and it gets stuck at frame 50 during playback with that source plugin
    lsmas.LWLibavSource loads it as: 29.97 (30000/1001)fps
    ffms2.Source loads it as: 30.273 (1000000/33033)fps
    only with fpsnum=30000, fpsden=1001, it loads as 29.970

    A vs. B, I would not let any auto match to be in charge, properties should have 720x480, bottom field first , basically set it as NTSC DV from a template. You might get a bug going on with auto setting. You can avoid it, so it looks ok. Perhaps DV video is not a standard source for debugging, as it used to be.

    Does it do the same without Media FX used if using 'A'?
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  6. Video straight out of Movie Studio, I believe the magix avc. Same issue if I render to huffyuv (again 480p). Maybe not worth pursuing especially if (B) works fine. If I remove the media fx and and specify instead deinterlace in the project settings, everything seems fine.

    In the meantime I installed debugmode frame server, and quickly verified I can open in an avisynth script. Great, thanks for the suggestion.
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