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  1. I need information about this from people who are experienced. Is there any algorithm that does interpolation of the video in 1080p 30fps using the video in 720p 60fps? Of course, I'm talking about two footages of the same event.
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    Hypothetically, it can be done. But in practice, it isn't going to turn out as good as you hoped. On the contrary, you would have to be interpolating BOTH sources, and the error in those "guesses" don't necessarily cancel each other out.*

    I recommend, barring finding a better source, you pick one (spatial priority = 1080, temporal priority = 720) and live with it.


    *Note that you could try leaving the 1080 as is and just add in the alternate scaled-720 frames in a checkerboard fashion. However, if the positioning and/or the pixel brightness values aren't an exact match, you will get MAJOR, bothersome strobing artifacts.
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