Hey guys i havent done any video editing in about 15 years since i was a kid and dabbled into it. Well fast forward to now and im trying to join a valorant team (FPS GAME) and instead of tryouts people just ask for clips, im curious as to each persons approach the 2 i figured id try would be

1) record an entire match, go back later watch at increased speeds and clip the good moments

2) or using something like the Nvidia shadowplay that records the last minute or so after you press the "record" button

Trying to save myself some time, because the recording entire matches consumes alot of time even going thru it at 2x speed looking for clips

Does anyone know who i could reach out too who would maybe do some work as in go through my videos and do the clips for me? nothing fancy i just want clips of good plays, dont need fancy transitions or any of that just basic shit, but i cant commit hours n hours to that cause im trying to play and get better lol