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  1. New to this site and I've read as much as I could find on this one so please bear with me.

    I have an mkv file with subs stream already in it. The other two streams are AC3 audio and of course video.

    Using XMedia Recode, I am converting the container to MP4, converting the audio stream to AAC and trying to hardcode the subs.

    I successfully converted the container and the audio stream, but the subtitles will not hardcode.

    The video mode is "Copy" (no change), the audio mode is "Convert" (to AAC) and the subtitle mode is "Render" and the codec options are only MOV text or DVD Sub. Since I don't know which to chose I left it on it's default of MOV text.

    Since I don't have an srt file to import, I just clicked the entire mkv file over to "Output". Since the sub stream is already in the mkv file, I shouldn't need an srt correct?

    If I do need to pull out the sub file first and re-import it, how would I do that? But I think it should be able to hardcode it since it's already in the original mkv.
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    The internal sub should work fine as a source, but it's not possible to burn in (hard code) the subs
    when the video is set to "copy" - hard code means the video has to be re-rendered to make the subs a part
    of the picture
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