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    I found this at Goodwill. The main chips in it are the TI TVP5147 video decoder, SAA7120H video encoder, and a Syncmoss SM89516AC micro-controller. It did not come with a power supply and I have not found any documentation for it.

    The voltage regulator chips are the KA78R33, KA78B33, and KA78R05 so I am guessing that a 6V or 9V power supply would work.

    Does any body know what type of stabilizer it is?
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  2. Yes. This is a DIGITAL STABILIZER that defeats Macrovision / Copyguard from VHS/TV/Cable - To Recordable Devices (PC/DVD Recorders/DVR)
    It still works for a majority of devices today including a majority of BD Disc going one to one output.

    There are multiple correction features such as jittering, color enhancement, contrast, and more
    including worldwide system conversion Pal/NTSC.

    You wont find much info on these. If I remember correctly, the disappeared quite quickly back in the day when they came out.

    They do work though. Quite well. I still have one up and running, Just lacking on todays inputs, etc.
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