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  1. Hi all,

    I'm trying to make a Blu-ray menu with a lot of chapters. However, I ran into errors while authoring. To test things on my Blu-ray player, I exported to "Playstation 3 AVCHD" instead of Bluray though. I tried the following:
    - Making a USB AVCHD with 1 title, 36 chapters without motion chapters enabled: works fine
    - Making a USB AVCHD with 1 title, 12 chapters with motion chapters enabled: works fine
    - Making a USB AVCHD with 1 title, 13 or more chapters with motion chapters enabled: error

    I also found out what the problem is. multiAVCHD makes motion thumbnails just fine, then starts creation of the first chapter page. After finishing making that page, all thumbnails (not just the first 12) are deleted, after which running the avisynth script for the second page fails, because the referenced files are gone.

    I tried unchecking several things in the settings tab, like "Delete all files in temp folder", "Move Transitional files" and checking "Keep encoded in source folder for re-use" but that doesn't seem to help.

    Does anyone know what I can do about this?
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  2. Okay, I found a way to fix this. I cannot remove delete permission for the whole temp directory, because then multiAVCHD crashes. However, removing the delete permission just only the chapter m2ts files works. The following batch script does just that.

    FOR /L %%x in (1,1,9999) do (
    	icacls c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20200515\CH*.M2TS /inheritance:d   	
    	TIMEOUT /T 15
    	icacls c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20200515\CH*.M2TS /remove "NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users"    
    	TIMEOUT /T 15
    Put this in a text file, change the extension from .txt to .bat and keep it running during motion chapter file creation. You'll have to change the directory name and localize the NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users. That name changes if you have a non-english version of Windows.

    I hope this helps people having the same problem.
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    There are several headaches that this software gives and as it says in other forums there is no perfect one.
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  4. Oh, I am very pleased with multiAVCHD, it makes very nice Blu-ray menu's and it suits my needs perfectly. I just needed this script to get motion chapters working, which is of course just a nice bonus feature. I posted it here in the hope it can help others which run into the same problem.
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