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  1. This happens when there is a lot of motion in the video.Image
    [Attachment 53178 - Click to enlarge]

    This is the same VHS tape but with no motion: Image
    [Attachment 53179 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. How did you watch it? Did you preprocess (resize, re-encode) the VHS source?
    There is probably nothing wrong with your original VHS source. It is just interlaced. You should switch the deinterlacer (or bobber) ON in your player for viewing. Check its settings.
    The first picture shows the interlaced combing when you watch it downscaled without applying a deinterlacer (or bobber). In the second picture you don't see the combes because there is no motion between the 2 fields of the interlaced video.
    You can find more on this here:

    When you watch the VHS tapes on TV it should look ok, because the TV (or HW player) will normally automatically deinterlace (or bob) it.
    If it doesn't your video has possibly been resized (and reencoded) without prior deinterlacing. Then the damage is there and there is no easy fix.

    Upload a sample (few seconds, with motion scene) of your source for better help.
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