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    I recorded an old baseball radio broadcast on my computer last night using Audacity and wondering what settings I should use to export the file to mp3. IT first asks for bit rate mode (preset, variable, average, constant. I know the quality refers to the amount of compression and higher kbps is less compressed.
    I also have a choice for variable speed (fast or standard) and Channel mode (joint stereo, stereo or force export to mono.

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    As most radio broadcasts of baseball, especially old ones, are mono, choose Mono.

    This is speech with some minor fx and bkgd music added (usually poor quality reproduction), so I would say 128kbps would be more than sufficient, probably 96, or 64, or maybe even 48 or 32. Doesn't hurt to leave it in better quality, and would certainly have less issues.

    Go w standard speed.

    Variable is more efficient, so would save on filesize, but some older players might have issue w it, so I would go w constant.

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