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    matter solved ..
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    HI, you have just posted a query and you yourself resolved. i am having the same problem. Would you give , your idea of how to use the videosubfinder , menu wise, to extract the hardcoded subtitle as srt file.
    i opened the video and then , just hold the video play line button to scrub, or to fastfoward the video to the end.
    then i selected the ocr and then click create sub from test tiles.
    there was nothing happening after i click the button.
    what to say, if anything is progressing or not.
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  3. 1. Open video
    2. Select zone where the subtitles appear
    3. Press Run Search
    4. Go to OCR and press Create Cleaer TXT Images
    5. Now you need secondary program to read the images and transfer the text into TXT file. For example using ABBYY FineReader and save those TXT files to your TXT Results folder
    6. Go back to Video Sub Finder and press Create Sub From TXTResults
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  4. Indeed, it is like what @martanius wrote. That is the way to go.

    When I started with videosubfinder, for my own use, I made screenshots of each step, as a kind of manual.

    Videosubfinder is a fine program, really. However, converting to txt files using Abbyy FineReader may be a problem. It is a good but.. expensive product (eur.199 / usd.235 plus taxes)

    [Attachment 58243 - Click to enlarge]

    01) Open The hard subbed video
    02) Reduce the capture window to where the sub are
    03) Clear Folders
    04) Click on run search
    05) Wait for the process to complete
    06) It's capturing the subs and time stamping where they appear
    07) Locate the RGB folder
    08) Delete any frames that have no subs
    09) Delete the OD/ED too as it has issues reading them
    10) Go back into VideoSubFinder
    11) Go to the OCR tab
    12) Click on create clear txt images
    13) Wait for it to completed
    14) Once complete open ABBYY Finereader 15
    15) Locate the TXTimgaes folder
    16) Hold Ctrl+A to select all the text images
    17) Select .txt and click convert
    18) Locate the TXTimage folder
    19) Hold Ctrl+a to select all the text images
    20) Select .txt and click convert
    21) Locate the TEXTResults folder
    22) Convert to TXT
    23) Wait for it to complete
    24) Click create sub from txt results
    25) Aegisub
    26) Open the sub file using Aegisub
    27) Open the original video to compare subs
    28) Correct any spelling and timing errors
    29) Save the sub file and check with the original video

    What kind of file is it that you want to handle? .vob file? .mkv?
    Maybe worthwhile checking out SubTitleEdit?

    Instead of using Abbyy Finereader, you could give a try with gImageReader

    So, in step 14 try gImageReader. Where it says Abbyy FineReader, you go on with gImageReader
    - Go to TXTImages folder
    - Start run gImageReader (Start > Programs), select TXTImages folder, select all files > Open
    - Select all, click on Recognize all > Batch mode (menu bar)

    when completed / corrected, etc. then return to videosubfinder to create a srt from the txt files.

    Good luck!

    Please note : I am not an expert!
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