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    Hi. I'm trying to create a .ass file which will display two sets of subtitles at the same time.

    I'm trying to make the subtitles display one below the other at the bottom of the screen with bottom-middle (alignment: 2) alignment.

    For this, I created separate styles for each of the subtitles and set MarginV of one style to the Fontsize of the other style.

    And it sort of worked. But not exactly.

    What I needed was to allocate separate spaces for the two subtitles where overlap will happen only if necessary.

    But with what I did, if one subtitle doesn't have anything to display at a point, the other subtitle will be displayed at the bottom-middle position irrespective of its MarginV value.

    And if upper subtitle starts being displayed in lower's position when lower doesn't have anything to display and then time for lower to display comes when the upper subtitle line being displayed is not over, lower will take upper's place making it a bit confusing.

    I'm using VLC.

    Is there a way to do what I hope to achieve?

    I've added a screenshot of desired output.
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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    image hosters

    but 4/5 line I prefer sup file
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