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  1. I want to download episodes of this site (you need a Spanish IP to see the caps):

    "atresplayer" is a Spanish site and months ago, I had no problems to download, but now, I have used VPNs and Proxys but that site detects that I am not in Spain.

    Please, any method to download that video?.
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  2. wow, It seems to be difficult.
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  3. ATRESPLAYER has an anti-vpn algorithms... the important thing is how to cross that barrier.
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  4. Originally Posted by Delinger View Post
    but can be seen by the undemanding
    Sometimes it is preferable not to comment than to say something inappropriate

    all of delinger's posts today don't make much sense. and some of them have weird semi-hidden links to some "missmode" forum.
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    He's a spammer that was banned a few days ago. He starts off with semi-coherent posts, then edits them to link to his website. Report the posts with the spam links.
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