Hi! My brother spent many hours noting time stamps in a 17+ hour mp3 file. Unfortunately, he used vlc instead of a DAW, so the timestamps are all estimates that vlc understandably made. Thus they don't correlate in a DAW when it comes to actually using the time stamps for editing.

I was wondering if there was a clever way anyone knew to "correct" these values, if given an list. I expect you would have to know the vlc estimation algorithm (maybe it's well-known? or maybe vlc could be scripted somehow to leverage it?), go to the estimated time stamp location, save a snippet of decoded audio, then use a second program to scan through the whole file, decoding as you went and trying to match the saved snippet. Seems like this amount of effort is not worth it, but I thought I'd check here in case anyone had some clever scripting ideas... for all I know ffmpeg has a command line option to do exactly this, or maybe someone has written this utility already?