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    So i like handbrake it is a really good converter and i usually convert videos with subtitles but the only thing i don't like about it is that i cant really do anything with the subtitles i don't like the look of Arial on my videos and i like to make it sometimes bigger or smaller is there any way to go around this or is there any program that converts videos as good as Handbrake but also allows me to modify the font of the subtitles to my preference...every help is much appreciated!!!
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  2. Convert SRT to ASS e.g. using Aegisub. In ASS you can set font, size and a lot of other things. Then either import that .ass file directly into HandBrake or mux it with video into mkv using MKVToolNix (add fonts as mkv attachments) first.
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  3. Import into subtitle edit, then export as a blu ray sub rip PGS. From there, you can change the font and color. If you're using a DVD, ensure sure the resolution is set correctly. Select subtitle burns in Handbrake after remixing subtitles into an mkv file.
    If you are looking for some unique fonts, you might download some on UpFonts.
    By the way, what is your most favorite font to use? Do you have a preferred one, or did you just choose something random? Are you often changing them?
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