I'm rebooting this old project:


In that thread I mentioned I had a late 80's era Panasonic CG9806 (full size VHS) .... it's not... it's a GE CG9806

First question: how different are GE camcorders from Panasonic? Would I be better off converting the tapes from a JVC or Panasonic AG1980?

(My preference is a Panasonic VCR because I also have a bunch of VHS-C tapes made from a Panasonic camcorder)

The voices that were taped on the GE camcorder seem slightly sped up when played back on a VHS VCR.... would a TBC VCR help this?

Currently I have an RCA VR646HF VCR and it says "Accu Search 4 Head" ... are these any good compared to the AG1980 w TBC?