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    I am editing .ass in Notepad, then importing it in Handbrake.

    After every export, I tweak .ass in Notepad and try to save it to re-import in Handbrake, but it won't let me, because .ass is still open in Handbrake:
    "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"

    This happens even if I clear the .ass in Handbrake. In Process Monitor, it shows that Handbrake process still uses the .ass.

    The only ways around it seem to be either of the two:
    Handbrake quit and restart it every time, then re-import the video and the .ass and choose the preset
    Notepad save a new .ass file after each tweak

    Both are hassle because I am experimenting, and that means lots of trial and error, so these excessive clicks add up.

    Any secret I don't know?
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  2. I would report it on the HandBrake github issue tracker.
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