Hey guys, I've been looking around on the web but I couldn't find anything similar to my issue, so here it goes (if it's been solved before, please point me in the right direction).

Also, if it's not the correct forum for this question, then again, point me in the right direction please.

I have a Samsung QLED (Q6FN 55") set up in the living room to which I'd like to stream some 4K HDR movies from my Windows PC via HDMI. The TV is capable of handling 4K HDR, and the HDMI cable I'm using is also fit for this purpose (and my GPU as well - GTX 970).

Is there a way to watch my MKV HDR movies on the TV from the PC? I've tried several methods (configured the TV to accept HDR over the HDMI port, configured Windows to send the HDR signal), but it's just so clunky and bothersome.

Problem is, when I use PotPlayer to watch a movie on the TV, it still won't send over the actual HDR metadata from the file to the TV, and so the picture appears washed out. I know that you can set PotPlayer to display HDR movies with a color correction setting, but that's not real HDR - the TV should do that from the metadata.

Thank you in advance!