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  1. Hello everyone! I am using cyberlink powerdirector15. Its great for my video edits but when I try to create discs it balloons my project file size to outrageous numbers. Currently I am trying to import mp4 at an average bitrate of just 1000 each for a total of 9GB but when I import to create disc, it goes to over 68GB!!!! I am attaching a screenshot of 2 blu-ray discs I have that someone else made and want to achieve a similar result. The top row is on a 50GB disc, has 71 m2ts files (id rather use ISO VOB to be playable on more devices?) that total 43GB with 23 hours of material at an average bitrate of 4300. The bottom row is on a 25GB disc, 35 m2ts files for 21.4GB with nearly 12 hours of material at an average bitrate of also 4300. What am I doing wrong? Should I convert my files to something else? And/Or is powerdirector unable to do something like this?

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