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  1. I use a Hauppauge HD PVR to record from the Satellite Receiver via component cables. I usually have no problems with lip sync issues but lately it has been happening a fair bit. I fix it by unplugging the HD PVR, shutting down the computer and unplugging the satellite receiver and restarting it. I am thinking it is because I multi-task and I am finding that the Video Download Helper and certain websites can at times freeze up the browser and slow down the computer as a whole. I am going to start using Youtube-dl more often for capturing video.
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    Grab CrystalDiskInfo make sure you don't have any harddrive starting to go bad
    If have the first gen HD-PVR it know for get to hot and can causes off wall thing many of us mod by add a 5v fan to it check top of it see how warm it is
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