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  1. Hi there. Thanks a million for helping out!

    I'm using Aegisub and trying to add a background box using Masaf Automation. It worked fine a few days ago with different files.

    Now, two problems are happening:

    1. Masaf is not adding the position tag to every line, so that the subtitles are not getting positioned over the box.

    2. Even if I choose to add the position tag {\p1\pos(640,648)} myself, it makes the subtitles totally disappear. I've checked margins in the style, etc.

    Any ideas why this is happening?
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  2. Okay, I figured out the answer to #2. The code I was inserting was incorrect, so that was easy. Inserting the correct positioning code {\pos(600,648)} on all the lines by selecting them and using the Masaf automation function Add Code To Selected Lines did indeed position the lines properly.

    However, when I ran the Automation to Add Background, it removed all the previous position code I'd inserted, and did not add the code as it usually does.

    So I still don't have the answer to my #1: Why isn't Masaf automation inserting the position tags?
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  3. Hi,
    Can you send your file?
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