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  1. I have edited a Russian DVD, I have replaced menu languages subtitles, what I could not replace the 22 second video intro.
    I have changed from Russian to spanish but I cannot replace it.

    [Attachment 53014 - Click to enlarge]

    it is much easier to edit static menu of bmp but it has movement, the question is which editor do I use to leave it in vob again to replace it with dvdremake
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  2. You just want to make a little DVD VOB for replacing? And your edited opening is already DVD compliant? Meaning a 720x576 25fps M2V or MPV plus audio, maybe? Then use Muxman to make the mini-DVD for replacing. If the edited video isn't DVD compliant already, it'll have to be reencoded yet again. You can use AVSToDVD for that. That's if you don't already know how to use an MPEG-2 encoder, one such as the HC Encoder.
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  3. thanks for answering, what I want is to edit the vob add a text logo something, with an editor that then when exporting it can replace it with dvdremake to the original.
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  4. demux the menu (.m2v) and add the logo with avisynth (eg. preview in VD).. you can load the script in HCenc copying the characteristics of the original and then replace it with DVDRemake ..
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  5. Originally Posted by brianvlez View Post
    I have changed from Russian to spanish but I cannot replace it.
    That tells me you have already edited the text. Am I wrong? You are very unclear. Maybe sekininsha gave you the answer, although I doubt you use AviSynth.

    what I want is to edit the vob
    You don't edit a VOB. You create your text file as BMP in the proper PAL DVD resolution. Then you can author your BMP together with the audio. Create a silent audio file of the proper length, if need be. Author the two together in Muxman.

    I created a guide for something similar once upon a time:
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  6. I was able to solve it, I edit the vob with sony vegas, I demux it with rejig and the mux with muxman, in the end I edit the dvd with vobblanker, the only problem is that they remain mute, is there any way to activate the audio?
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  7. The intro has its audio track?
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  8. the original dvd does bring it, also in the dvdcustom that I made in the folder the audio is also heard when it is played it is not heard, will there be any way to activate it?
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  9. You used the exact same audio, as demuxed by Rejig? You might be able to activate it using PGCEdit, if it actually made it into the DVD. You had probably check using MediaInfo first.

    Here's a guide to adding precommands to make subtitles play by default. You're going to make the audio play by default:

    This is some serious stuff, and not for the fainthearted.

    Edit: I forgot to ask if the DVD Muxman created also plays with audio.
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