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  1. Hey everyone

    I'm still very new to the world of video editing... so what I am attempting is well def above my skill set right now but I am eager to try and learn

    I have been asked to help a friend make a video for a song of theirs, with multiple other clips combined together of others lip singing along to the song.

    What I am trying to do is best demonstrated here

    I have Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects, as well as more basic Filmora 9 and Filmora Pro to try making this in....

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any tutorial out there- paid or free - on how to make this? Any suggestions on which program is best to do this in?

    Many thanks for any help on this!
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    Premiere & AE (possibly even premiere alone - i didn't see anything that complex) should be able to do this for you quite easily.

    Just make good use (& reuse) of nested layers. Sync first before tweaking the fx, then lock in the timing while adjusting the positioning/sizing.

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