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  1. I got a old and now it only flashes 3 red lights on the front panel, one power light and one rec light and the light to the rec light left and the fan moves a little, only very very very slow. I tried to pull out the fuse and use a metal to check but the result was the same. The front panel to the channels is black.
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  2. Can you change harddrives from the same model.
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  3. Can i change harddrives from the same models?
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    have you tried doing a factory reset on both the machine and the HDD ??
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  5. I can't get it to start up. Probably not the hard drive that is the problem. The display is black. Only 3 red lights flashing.
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  6. And the media on the hdd is left after a reset?
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  7. Do i need a special remote control to change harddrives from the same model?
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