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  1. I am a member of a site

    It is a website similar to netflix but for arabic content

    Previously, I could download from the website by taking the link for the video by internet download manager as m3u8 format ,, like this line

    and download it

    but now the site bring new Encrypt like netflix use (DRM) ,, and when I use internet download manager to get video download line it give me alot of line Not downloadable ,, like this one

    can any one help me how to download videos now from this site ??

    i will pay for any script or way to how to download
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  2. me too, i need to download from this site i'm using Mac, i hope somone could help us.
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  3. had a Chrome extension with which you could decrypt Widevine L3 encrypted streams, but he removed it for "legal reasons".
    You can still find it though if you know where to look, but you'll need Linux, Windows, and Google Chrome to make it work. I managed to do so successfully, but it took some effort.
    And, no, I'm not going to send this "illegal" Chrome extension to anyone.
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