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    Hi everyone

    I'm new here. I have readed a lot this days about what I want to do, but I still finding a way. So, after 10 days straight searching I decided to come and ask.

    I've recently got a Sony HDR-TD20 3D camera, wich record the two views of the 3D in the same .MTS file, but in separate streams. When I play the recordings from the camera to the 3D tv (via HDMI cable and using 3D lenses), it is in 3D; but if I upload those files to YouTube, or try to edit them on Premiere Pro, those apps are not aware of the second video stream.

    So, I want to convert the .mts files to SBS, so I will be able to edit them at least, and then upload them to YouTube.

    The problem is: there is a lot of software claiming being able to manage those files, but they don't. Aiseesoft, Brorsoft, Pavtube, etc. For regular files they're ok, but the 3D they offer is just a fake effect, being both sides the same image, so there is no 3D at all.

    I've tried with ffmpeg too, I got nothing. I found V3MVCSPLITTER and it worked, but the trial does the 10% or 5% of the lenght of the video. The output is two separate files (L and R) and the quality is good, but the licence is $100 and it's too much for me for now. (This will work for me too, later I can make SBS with Premiere Pro. I don't really care about the extra step)

    Later I founded TsMuxer. It halfway worked for me. It decomposes the .mts files into their 4 streams (MVC, or the 2nd video stream; H.264, or the main video stream; AC3, or the 5.1 audio stream; and PGS, or the subtitle stream). I demux a file and I get 4 separate files, but they don't work alone. I can choose one or more streams and 'remux' them into a new file, and I try to remux both of the video streams separately. H.264 can be alone in a file, MVC cannot. So I mux them together, but the result is the same image of the main video stream. I found that the MVC is a dependent stream, wich contains additional info to the main video stream, to compose the image of the 2nd view, so that is not a real video stream itself.

    So, the big question is... How is that process called? (take the main video, add the additional MVC info on top and compose the new stream). I can't figure it out. I've tried with ffmpeg but I can't make it.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Hello,

    Did you manage to find out an answer to your question?

    I have recently got my hands on a Sony HDR TD20 and I’m looking to upload the 3D videos to YouTube to be watched with red/blue glasses, but as you say, YouTube only recognises the footage as 2D. I do also have Premiere, and this too only recognises the footage as 2D.

    So my question to you is whether you managed to find a way to do this, and if you’d be able to share this please?

    Thank you!
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    Hi Its5qd

    I didn't say I was using a 2012 Macbook Pro, and soon realized that the available 3D software is next to nothing.
    I have to buy a gamer-type laptop (HP OMEN, i7, Geforce GFX 1660ti) for a bunch of video editing work, and started to look software for my 3D ambitions, haha.
    Long story short, I didn't find anything free, so I purchased the MVC to AVI converter, and it works, but I am immersed in a sea of ​​work and I have not been able to do something entertaining to show.

    I hope this works for you.
    Koke, from Chile
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