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  1. Hello,
    I'm a coach and want to analyse the games of my team and searching for a program

    Things I want
    1. watching the video and splitting with funtion buttons (CTRL+..)
    - CTRL+... for begin clip
    - CTRL+... for ending clip but I directly want to put a tag in the clip
    for example
    CTRL+A = end clip + tag (A)attack
    CTRL+D = end clip + tag (D)efense
    CTRL+K = end clip + tag (K)eeper
    2. after splitting the game ( +- 100 clips / game) -> export the clips and put them directly in the correct folder (Attack / Defense / Keeper / ...)

    somebody suggestions which program this options has

    kind regards
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  2. While all NLEs will do in and out marks, you're also looking to do subclipping and re-arranging.

    Get a real NLE, especially since you will be doing this a lot.

    Adobe Premiere would be great. Or Magix Movie Editor.

    You'll want to create bins to drag your ADK subcips into that can be easily assembled after you've worked your way through the game.
    I'm assuming you're not married to those particular key combinations, though you can customize your editor to use them.
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