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  1. Hi All,

    I've noticed over the past few years a trend for a lot of the reviews here to be "No comments. Rating it only." Usually for it to be followed, fairly quickly, by an additional review by the same person where they do make some comment/review and also rate it again. Or you get the situation where you have one person repeatedly "reviewing" an item, but basically just b*tchin' about some aspect of it - e.g. Virtualdub2 at the moment - where, often, he/she/it/they would actually do better to ask a question in the appropriate forum as they might find out how to use the item properly?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow limit the reviews to either one review per user per version of the item, OR one review per user per item, which then gets updated by either editing the existing review or adding to it, should the user review that item again?

    On another point, could we, maybe, 'lose' or 'drop to the bottom of the list' any reviews for a free bit of software where the "reviewer" rates the "Value for Money:" part as anything less than "10"? It's FREE! How can you possibly think you've been somehow swindled out of some of your hard-earned cash? Clearly, anybody who does this is an idiot and shouldn't expect their opinion to be listened to!

    OK. I'm being slightly facetious here, but whenever I see a review like this, it does tend to diminish the weight I'm going to be giving to anything that that user writes here. Kinda like when someone suggests injecting disinfectant into people to kill the "very smart germ" . . . !

    Anyway, thank you to everyone who helps to keep this site up and running, and for (most) of the advice and info that's given here. I hope we all come out of this current situation without losing any of our loved ones. To those of us who aren't so lucky, then my thoughts and hopes are with you. Stay Safe.
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    The majority of these 'reviews' could be written on lav paper (if you in the right shop at the right time )

    Better not be 'injected' in that disinfection blarney since that could be construed to be 'political discussion' and we both know having been on here a while that it is off the scale.
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  3. Just using it as an example of how one's stock can drop dramatically when one says or does something really stupid. I think classifying a free piece of software as anything less than a '10' for Value for Money is fairly stupid. Nuff said.
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