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  1. Hi,

    I am just about to purchase a VX1000 camcorder & a capture cam for the footage from it.

    When looking online I have seen that that the best way to import the footage onto a laptop is using a Firewire. I use a MacBook 13" from 2019 so the ports are for USB-C only . I am wondering what is the best way to import the footage from the capture cam to my laptop.

    I have seen this adapter online:

    I am wondering whether this is the best option? Record on VX100 > put tape in capture cam > firewire in capture cam > firewire to USB-c adapter > laptop

    Let me know if this would work & or any other suggestions would greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for reading!!
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    firewire to usb adapters don't work for capturing video.
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  3. The thunderbolt to firewire adapter might not work because it needs a thunderbolt 2 port.

    There are tb 2 to 3 adapters.
    But no idea if it'll work for camcorders (normally does for drives).
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  4. Others have used this firewire to usb adapter (the pinnacle 500-usb, 510/700/710-usb models exist).
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