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  1. I have about 300 videos that I want to:
    • Remove 1 audio track
    • Remove Chapter 1 and 4

    If I load one of the videos on MKVtoolnix and I see the command line I get this:

    /Applications/ --ui-language en_US --output '/Users/user/Desktop/dbz/DBZ 002.mkv' --audio-tracks 1 --language 0:eng --track-name '0:30th Anniversary BD' --default-track 0:yes --display-dimensions 0:1440x1080 --language 1:jpn --track-name '1:Tokai Broadcast' --default-track 1:yes --language 4:eng --track-name 4:Funimation-Simmons --default-track 4:yes --language 5:eng --track-name 5:Signs '(' '/Users/user/Desktop/dbz/DBZ002 The Mightiest Warrior in All of History is Goku‘s Older Brother!.mkv' ')' --split chapters:2,4 --title 'DBZ 002' --track-order 0:0,0:1,0:4,0:5
    I created a .command file and it works! but I want to do this for all the files and I just can't figure it out, how do I make it go to each video and do that instead of an specific one?

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    I moved your thread to the mac forum where you can get more help.
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  3. Try something like:
    for filename in /Users/user/Desktop/dbz/*.mkv
      /Applications/ -o "/Users/user/Desktop/dbz/output/$(basename "$filename")" --audio-tracks 1 --split chapters:2,4 "$filename"
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  4. Thanks for the reply, but I can't get it to work correctly.

    It only goes to the last video on the folder, and the name I get is "$filename-001.mkv", "$filename-002.mkv" and so on.

    I'd appreciate any help, thanks!
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  5. Try again, there were some errors.
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  6. It works, thanks!!!

    Another question, in the output folder I'm getting these filenames:

    DBZ002?The?Mightiest?Warrior?in?All?of?History?is? Goku‘s?Older?Brother!-002

    Instead of:

    DBZ002 The Mightiest Warrior in All of History is Goku‘s Older Brother!

    How can I fix that? empty spaces are being replaced with "?"

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  7. Unfortunately, I don't know. I did a last attempt to change the script in my old post. You can try again.

    Or maybe afterwards run another script to replace any "?"(non-ASCII?) by " "?

    (Not sure if the "?" are actual question marks or just a placeholder for other non-printable characters.)
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  8. The revised version worked!

    Thank you so much.
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